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At MediLodge of Wyoming, we know there’s nothing more important to you than the comfort and well-being of your loved one. If you’ve ever experienced tooth pain or oral health problems, you know it can take over your life. We arrange state-of-the-art dental services directly with our center. Our on-site dentist has a private room for setting-up and works with the social services directors and nursing staff to provide optimal services in comfort. The prime focus is preventive care to ensure that no pain or infection can affect the patient’s quality of life. A denture technician and prosthodontist is available to provide in-house denture care.

We believe no one should live a life in pain that is controllable. Every day, we see advanced disease or neglect because some aspect of a resident’s oral health was ignored in the past. Our program is a simple intervention.

Dental Hygiene

We provide professional dental hygiene services to our residents. As the years pass, many people lose the dexterity to brush their own teeth. They are dependent upon others to perform tasks like brushing and flossing. Some residents may need assistance to remember to perform this daily ritual. Of course, the reality is that these people often have decayed, broken teeth, and gum disease. However, by working together, our nursing staff follows the directives of the dental care team and ensures the best outcomes.

Preventive oral care can improve health and decrease the burdens caused by related complications like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and pneumonia. An increased frequency of professional care helps monitor and control the decay process. As poor oral hygiene is just one of the causes of this, we also consider diet and medications as well. Our goal is to keep your loved ones healthy and comfortable. We aim to see all our residents smile!

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